Website Design Course

Web Design Course

Did you ever wish that an expert sits next to you while you build your own website and helps you design and resolves any tech problems while you focus on the look and feel and features that you need and have it ready in 2 days?

Now is YOUR chance.

Design your beautiful website using AI. If you have been wondering how to design website in wordpress or shopify or for your business and have been trying on canva or free hosting providers, this is your chance to get it up and running in 2 days.

It is painful to pay Wix & Shopify or Etsy for your online shop every month 'for life' and these are quite expensive.

Why not learn how to DIY (do it yourself) and save a ton of money in the long run?

Here is what you will learn:

a) How to design your website using AI fast

b) How to host it online and connect with your domain

c) How to edit your website in future to manage it DIY

d) What are the cheapest way to get your website ready

e) You will learn hands on, to build your website without any technical knowledge

f) How to put forms on your website

g) How to get free pictures and videos to use on your website

h) How to make your website responsive so people can use it on any mobile device

i) How to create an online shop on your website

Designing your website and editing templates can be very frustrating and time consuming and you may not get the end result how you want. Learning from a specialist how to get things easily and fast, cuts short your journey and you only focus on the website content!

Join now and have your website ready in just 2 days! Manage it like a pro, on your own in future with full control.

Course Code
Course Duration
2 Days
Delivery Mode
Learning Style
Classroom setting - Synchronous Small group classroom < 3 pax
Course Fee
  • Hands On DIY
  • Learn & Ready in 2 days

Who is this course for?

This website design course is for anyone trying to learn how to build your own website for business or ecommerce.

If you are looking to get your website ready quickly this course is ideal for you as you will go from zero to finish in 2 days with your site published on the internet. This course helps you build your site from scratch. If you are looking at building your website wordpress based you can do that too.

How do you benefit?

You get a solid understanding of every step that goes into building your website so that you can manage it on your own in the future. All of the technology used is drag-drop, so you don't need to learn technical knowledge. The trainer sits next to you and you build the entire website in 2 days and publish it. So if you are stuck there is someone right next to you to solve it!

Course Audience:

Anyone who wants to learn how to build their professional looking website that works on mobile phones, tablets and desktops and would love to have a guide sit right next to them, while they are building it to solve any technical difficulty.

The classroom sessions are cosy, fun and inclusive.


All participants:

  • Should know how to use a laptop and basic Windows

  • Understand English (course is conducted only in english)