IT Helpdesk Technician Course

IT Service Desk Course

This course is designed for non-IT people who wish to get into IT and / or work as IT helpdesk technician. There are a lot of topics a support desk professional needs to know and understand before he can support users.

The various modules in this course can be chosen individual or as a whole as they cover vast areas of knowledge anybody aspiring in IT needs to know.

It is quite hard to find all of this information in one place and in one course.

Furthermore after you learn these, supporting users is another game altogether, with the plethora of issues that come up on a daily basis.

Here is what you will learn:

a) You will understand the IT landscape

b) The various services that enable IT operations

c) Technical details of what are protocols, services, ports

d) How a datacenter is organized

e) What is critical IT infrastructure

f) What is Cloud & how services run in the cloud

g) Computer hardware and software and common issues and how to troubleshoot them

h) Issues with common software like email etc and how to solve them for users

i) Understand various software used on IT helpdesk job like ticketing, escalations, support levels and how to work within these.

It is exciting to learn all of these and this course makes you an IT professional who can get started working in IT, with no prior knowledge.

Course Code
Course Duration
5 Days
Delivery Mode
Learning Style
Classroom setting - Synchronous Small group classroom < 3 pax
Course Fee
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  • Hands On with computer hardware
  • Get hands on practice with software used

Who is this course for?

This IT Helpdesk course is for anyone who wants to get started in their first IT job.

Anyone who wants to get their first IT job and is looking at "IT Helpdesk jobs" or "IT Servicedesk roles". This course also services people who will benefit from choosing certain modules to fill their knowledgegaps.

The classroom sessions are cosy, fun and inclusive.

If you are someone who is already working in IT but find that you don't know certain areas and find stuff confusing, you can pick and choose what you want to learn and upgrade your skills.

How do you benefit?

You get a solid understanding of how IT operations work from desktop support job perspective to data center and cloud perspective.

You also get to understand the ITIL service framework and how IT Service desk services fit into that framework.

You can very clear of the expectations from you on the job.


All participants:

  • Should know how to use a laptop and basic Windows

  • Understand English (course is conducted only in english)