ChatGPT For Business: Revolutionize Your Productivity

ChatGPT Mastery: Turbocharge Your Tasks

ChatGPT has changed how we operate in the world. It has given a productivity boost to all kinds of businesses and people with their daily tasks.

The magic of ChatGPT lies in how you ask him to do things. This is called 'prompt engineering'. A complicated name we know.

Come and join us to understand how to ask better prompts for ChatGpt to perform like a Ninja and reduce your workload . See the What Can You Do Section below to understand what kind of tasks you can achieve after the course.

Here is what you will learn:

a) Understand what and why of ChatGPT

b) Understand how the engine works in the background

c) Exploring prompt engineering

d) Giving contextual inputs to ChatGPT.

e) Goal based research

f) Key Use cases and applications

g) Improving the output from ChatGPT

h) Tabulating results

i) Using GPT for analysis

k) Crafting prompts for specific tasks

l) Fine tuning for domain specific tasks

Delivery Mode
Classroom & Online
Learning Style
Classroom setting - Face to face
Small group classroom < 3 pax
Course Fee
  • Hands On
  • Learn Scenario Based
Course Duration
4 Hours
Course Code

What kind of work can you do after this course?

Useful for:

  • teachers, students, people who need to prepare documents,

  • Ideation, tabulate content.

  • Writers for articles, blog posts, creating social media posts.

  • Crafting responses to customer queries, customer support

  • Help with coding challenges. Translate text. Idea generation.

How do you benefit?

If you wish to use ChatGPT to make your work easy and learn how to maximize its capabilities, this course is for you.

This course shows you more than 6 different real life scenarios where you can get GPT to do 70% of the prep work for you.

The classroom sessions are cosy, fun and inclusive.


All participants:

  • Should have some familiarity to use a laptop and basic Windows

  • Understand English (course is conducted only in english)