Trading Options For Monthly Income

Options Trading Simplified

There are only 2 goals for trading the stock markets:

a) Consistent income and / or

b) Growing your wealth over the long term

This course shows you how to get the above two. We believe small and consistent gains are good enough to build wealth and small trades give a good chance to learn the intricacies of trading.

This course focuses on simplifying Options trading and follows a minimalist approach where you will learn only what is necessary to execute strategies to earn a monthly income. We avoid all the confusion and complexity that surrounds options trading.

We run a course brief session where you get to understand:

  • Gain invaluable insights into options trading

  • Learn strategies to amplify returns

  • Minimize risks

  • Engage in live Q&A

  • Hear out other participants

  • Clarify doubts

  • Leave with a clear understanding of what this course will teach you

  • Learn how you can create monthly revenue from options

  • Participate in lucky draw and take away your gift!

Who is this course for?

This course is for stock trading enthusiasts who wish to learn Options trading to earn a monthly income on their investment and are looking for a straight forward strategy to copy and paste.

If you are looking to learn in a small friendly group setting, this course is for you. This course only teaches trading in the US markets. The strategies taught may work in other markets, however our focus is only US markets.

How do you benefit?

Participants get a solid understanding of how the stock market works and they learn how to generate an income stream using options. They also get a very good idea of the pitfalls and what to watch for before putting in trades. They understand how to measure risk/reward for various strategies before putting in trades. They also learn how to exit and adjust trades, if they go otherwise. The entire course is slow paced and hands on. Be a part of a thriving trading community to continue learning.

Course Audience:

Since this course is run in small groups, we run online sessions for various time zones around the globe. Be sure to mention your timezone and we will get back to your accordingly.

The classroom sessions are cosy, fun and inclusive.


All participants:

  • Should know how to use a laptop

  • Have a trial account open with ThinkorSwim platform (we will guide you if you don't have one)

  • Understand English (course is conducted only in english)

Course Code
Course Duration
4 Days
Delivery Mode
Classroom &
Learning Style
Hybrid - Videos & Face to face
Small group classroom
Course Fee
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