Core Java & J2EE Training
Currently I am doing my java course(Core java,j2ee,jee) with koreinfotech.I am so happy with the training methodology and friendliness of staff. Training quality is superb and as per industry standard and hands on practical class.The knowledge of the instructor is par excellence.
- Amit mohanty

Core Java & J2EE Training
Currently The course had the best of both worlds. We followed a structured curriculum which ensured that the pertinent topics were being covered. Yet at the same time, the small class size and the informal setting allowed some flexibility in catering to the needs and addressing the queries of the individual student.
- Irvine Chiam

Java Training
I am a software architect but lost touch with hands on programming. With the help of Radhika I'm back into the developer world and have regained my confidence to write code again. Thank You Radhika!
- Surya (Java Programmer, Visa Singapore)

Advanced C++ Training
The trainers at Kore Infotech are very knowledgeable and patient. They were able to teach difficult concepts of Advanced C++ (Inheritance, virtual functions and data structures) during my training. They also included coding examples to explain these concepts. Overall, the learning process was fun and I gained a lot of C++ concepts that were relevant to my job requirements.
Wilson Quah

C++ & Java Training
I learned about Kore Infotech while searching the internet as I needed to take C++ and Java courses. With good reviews from previous and current students on the classes and instructors, I decided to inquire. Mr Raj and Radhika were able to arrange a flexible class schedule for me. My instructor for C++, Radhika, made the class well paced and patiently taught me from the basic concepts to advanced part. This has helped me understand the subject more. Frequent hands-on exercises were also very helpful in my learning process.
Reyna Concepcion

Sybase Database Training
Kore Infotech was recommended to me by my colleague with positive feedback. Kore Infotech was able to customize the course content to suit my learning needs. The fact that they have a small class size makes the sessions even more intense as the trainers are able to pay more atterntion to each student. They were able to explain the concepts very well. The best part was the practical hands on exercises that directly put the concepts into perspective of my current job.

Simple Programming Course For Kids
My child enjoyed learning programming and building his first game. He wants to come back in next school holidays for other courses. Thanks to get him interested. Liked the small class size approach.
Kumaresh Mom - (Singapore).

Java Training
My Java training with Kore was fun and I thoroughly enjoyed the course methodology. We even had Online sessions at my convenience. I havent seen an institute operating with such flexibility before. Thanks.
David (India).

Web Design Training Course
I recently bought a groupon for web design & photoshop dreamweaver course. Liked the small class size and your two trainers for a batch approach.
Seng Ng - (Singapore).

Web Design Course
My groupon for web design course was much worth the price. We have decided to send our children to your institute in next school holidays. We specially liked building the images in photoshop and later using them in dreamweaver for our website.
R. Ong - (Singapore).

Photoshop & Dreamweaver Course
It was a lovely experience, very cheap for the price. I specially liked that we could buy the software for so cheap, its half market price.
M. Hui - (Singapore).

Web Design Photoshop Training Course
I am happy that I bought this groupon for web design photoshop course. You guys have a very nice approach. We enjoyed doing our own thing in photoshop.
Cherlyn - (Singapore).

Unix Training
This turned out to be my best decision ever. I was skeptical about this little known company before I joined. Thank god, I found this little gem. The training was way above my expectation and much better than what the big guys could have done. The price to performance ratio is unbelievable. Thank you Kore.. keep up the good work.
Kenny G. (Singapore).

C# & ASP .net
I am very happy that I joined dotnet course. I love the project based teaching. I will recommend my friends since I want the iPAD for recommending my friends.
Satya (Chennai).

Unix Training
The Unix trainer was very knowledegeable, for his experience, the training was cheap.Its unbelievable, Kore Infotech can deliver such quality in this price.
Chii roe (Singapore).

Shell Scripting Training
The Shell Scripting Training was run in a cool way. We learnt about so many real life scenarios. I have learnt so many techniques. It was a brain massager, this will be certainly helpful on my job.
Ananya (India).

C# & .Net with ASP dotnet Course
What I liked the most was the training was increased for extra days for me to complete my project and the trainer was very patient. I am so confident in C# .Net, I dont believe I can build web applications in asp .net just by doing this course. I will recommend my friends , they will love it.
Raj Laxman.

Shell Scripting Training
Shell Scripting was very useful. Mr. Raj even helped me with my scripts in office. We analysed complicated scripts and learnt new techniques.
Thank you.
Anoop (Singapore).

Shell Scripting Training
Thanks so much Kore to make me a shell scripting expert. Wonder what you guys earn? Such cheap pricing and the training was extended by 12 hours, for us to complete the examples. Vow! Good Job!
Winston (Singapore).

Unix Training
I never imagined Unix would be so much fun. Vow! Raj didnt stop talking about ways to hack. It was the most interesting training I ever attended.

Shell Scripting Training
I wish to thank Kore for giving me so much flexibility in my installment payments, it wouldn't have been possible to learn so many courses without that. Now that I have done multiple courses I can say this company has a culture for training. Fabulous work! Thanks.
Joseph (Singapore).

Unix Training
The Unix class was amazing. The trainer made such a difficult subject so much fun. I would go again to Kore for my future training.
Pauline Tong (Singapore).

Java J2EE Training
Hola, you made me a java programmer. Unforgettable experience for all the laughs we had and the tough exercises you gave me.
See you again!
Radhika (Singapore).

Unix Training
The trainer was amazing, he made us so excited with technology that we were waiting for the next class. Every week the energy only increased.
This was more of technology class along with Unix. Thank you.
David Libin (Singapore).

Oracle DBA Course
Fantastic training, absolutely detailed. I couldnt think you could run a hands-on to this detail in such a advanced topic like oracle dba. I am so happy that I found you guys. I was struggling to learn Oracle DBA for last 3 yrs. A real thank you.
Kalai (Singapore).

Unix Training
I especially liked the friendly environment in class. It was so easy to ask anything, the trainer was always willing to guide. You have a customer for life. I will surely recommend my friends.
Jeffrey (Phillipines).

Core Java Training Course
Your training institute is a boon for college students like us. We are tight on budget and really need a helping hand in these tough technical subjects. Special thanks for arranging timing as per my comfort.
Will recommend friends! - Leonard Chua (Singapore).

Database Training (Oracle)
After this course my concepts in database and particularly oracle plsql are crystal clear. Thank you for allowing me to ask 100s of questions :). Really helped me clarify all my doubts, that I had gathered over the years.
Loved It

P Shetty (student).

Shell Scripting Course
I recently attended shell script programming course at Kore Infotech and I am thankful I did. A friend recommended me to you, at first I thought my friend was singing too much praises, but now I ended up as a satisfied customer too. I cant believe I feel writing shell scripts can be so simple. Thanks for making it simple for me.
Prithvi (Chennai)

Java Training
Well i felt my friend is teaching me.Such flexibility and friendly environment, this is unique. Keep it up! Kore.
Soujanya (India).

Linux Redhat Course
I must say redhat made easy. I had tried online training before, nothing can beat this training approach. Training videos don't really help, since they don't show practical use of concepts. I have first time met people who can crack real jokes in technical training. You guys are having fun with linux and shell scripts.

Java Course
I wish to thank the trainer who took so much extra effort on me and Mr. Raj for all his cooperation to extend the course for a few more days to ensure we learn. I have attended courses elsewhere, nobody extended the class for students to learn better. Service oriented classes
Siew Mei (Singapore).

Perl Training
This is the toughest subject I have learnt. God this wasn't easy. Can't understand how can you guys add fun to this kind of topic too. Your trainers are really fun loving, they make the environment so comfortable for students.
Nisha - (PHd student).

C C++ Training Course
I realised life is so much easier if the trainer is good. I have tried to learn this from books, what I loved is you showed me the application part of it. How it is used in real life. Thats the best part.
Suresh (poly student).

Redhat / Solaris Training Course
Mr. Raj you are my hero! I came for learning unix, ended up learning solaris, redhat linux both in same course. You are a champ. I am still surprised how can you remember everything, never refer to any notes.
Nothing is difficult, will remember this as you taught me.
Ameen (Malaysia).

Linux & Shell Scripting
We really need this kind of training facility here. Many filipino friends of mine are trying to look for training class of this type.
I had total fun and enjoyed learning, no wonder I recommended my friends and now I am every more happy I can win a iPAD for recommending my friends
Russel (Philippines).

Unix Shell Scripting Training
Before i attended this linux shell scripting course @ Kore Infotech I was scared of programming. I was amazed how the trainer simplified the topic, not only I gained my confidence back, I was rocking writing scripts at office. The best part I continued asking doubts for 3 weeks after my course and received all the replies.Worth every dollar I spent and more. I will definitely go back to them for my future training needs.