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This course teaches participants basic computer skills that helps participants do their everyday computer work easily. It covers Basic Windows & Microsoft MS Office - Word 2013, Excel 2013 and Powerpoint 2013. Those who don't need to do presentations using powerpoint can take the Internet & Email module. This is designed for those beginners or for people who have been out of touch of using computers for few years.
The below video gives a good idea of what is covered in the course.

Basic knowledge of switching the computer on/off and basic typing skills are required for this course. Those who don't know basic keyboard layout or are absolute beginners are recommended to take our preparatory course to prepare with the absolute basics. Call us and tell us you need Preparatory course and we will arrange for you.

This course has 4 modules. Each module is 4 hrs. Run on weekdays Mon-Thu or Weekend batch. Choose your schedule on the form below. We need minimum of 3 participants before we can start a batch.

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Basic Computer PC Skills Bundle

Participants will learn Basics of MS Office and Windows.

1) Windows Basics
2) Microsoft Word Basics
3) Microsoft Excel Basics
4) Microsoft Powerpoint Basics
2 Days
16 (Hours)

Singaporeans Pay
Only $ 35 Nett in cash
After SkillsFuture Funding


145 Microsoft Skills for Admin Assistant / Receptionist Job
(Basic Computers + Intermediate Computers + Productivity Enhancement)
5 Days
(32 hrs)
$749 nett NA
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Course Content

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Basic Windows Computer Skills
Module 1: Introduction to Windows
The evolution of Windows 10
Why did Microsoft change the screen?
How to get back the old screen
The Start Screen in Windows 10
The Windows Desktop
Module 2: File Explorer
File Explorer in Windows
Navigating Folders
Changing Folder Views
Sorting Folder Contents
Selecting Files
Copying & Moving Files
Module 3: Working With The Control Panel
Opening The Control Panel
Control Panel Overview
Naqvigation Basics
Changing The View
Personalizing Your Computer
Modifying Screen Resolution
Changing Date & Time
Setting Volume & Sound Properties
Changing How Your Mouse Behaves
Setting Your Language
Modifying Startup Programs
Viewing System Infomrmation
Setting Up Your WiFi Internet
Module 4: Desktop Management
Changing Desktop Icons
Creating Desktop Shortcuts
Pinning Items to the Taskbar
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Microsoft Word Basics
Module 1: Let's Get Started With Word
Working with Text
Working with Documents
Difference between creating a document in Word,       Wordpad, Notepad
Viewing multiple pages at the same time
Adjusting the Zoom
Working with Multiple Windows
Module 2: Working With Text
Selecting Text
Editing Text
Creating Autotext
Autocorrecting typos
Module 3: Formatting Document Content
Formatting Characters
Formatting Paragraphs
Formatting Document
Using the Format Painter
Module 4: Formatting Documents
Setting up the Document
Using Headers and Footers
Working with Document Styles
Using Themes
Module 5: Printing Your Documents
Proofing Your Document
Preparing to Print
Setting printer properties
Module 6: Using Tables
Working with Tables
Inserting & Manipulating Tables
Module 7 : Working with Pictures
Inserting Pictures
Working with Shape Objects
Using Smart Art
Using Screenshots
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Microsoft Excel Basics
Module 1: Let's Get Started With Excel
Familiarization With Excel Working Environment
Navigating within the Worksheet
Selecting a Cell or Range of Cells
Techniques to Enter Data Quickly
Cutting, Copying, and Pasting Cell Values
What is a workbook
Saving your Workbook
Working With Sheets Within Your Workbook
Module 2: Managing Rows & Columns
Inserting, Moving & Deleting Cells
Working With Columns and Rows
Hide and Unhide Rows/Columns
Module 3: Managing Worksheets
Format Worksheet Tabs
Insert and Delete Worksheet
Hide & Unhide Worksheet
Module 4: Formatting the Cell
Formatting the Cell
Number and Date Formatting
Finding and Replacing Text
Using Style Manager
Module 5: Working with Formulas and Functions
Excel Arithmetic Operators & Order of       Operations
Using AutoFill Options
Using Excel Functions eg: Sum()
Module 6: Organizing Worksheet and Table Data
Create and Modify Tables
Module 7: Printing Worksheets
Printing Worksheets
Setting Page Setup Options
Setting Page Breaks
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Microsoft Powerpoint Basics
Module 1: Let's Get Started With PowerPoint
Why is powerpoint used
Planning New Presentations
Managing Presentations
Creating and Formatting Slides
Module 2: Working With Text
Adding Text
Using Bullets and Numbering
Formatting Text
Cutting, Copying and Pasting Text
Using Text Boxes
Module 3: Working with Illustrations and Audio / Video
Using Pictures
Modifying Pictures
Inserting Shapes
Inserting Hyperlinks
Arranging Pictures and Shapes
Working with SmartArt
Inserting Media Clips - Sound Files, Video Files
Module 4: Enhancing Presentations with PowerPoint
Key Elements Of A Presentation
Using Animations
Using Slide Transitions
Using Slide Masters
Adding Presenter Notes
Module 5: Printing Presentation Slides
Preparing slides for printing
Adding page numbers
Selecting printing properties


Basic Computer Knowledge - Like Powering On / Off computer, Moving mouse, Copy Pasting, Understanding Of Keyboard etc

Intermediate Computer Skills Bundle (Windows + Word + Excel + PowerPoint)

Funding For This Course

Audience For This Course

All age groups - kids, teens, senior adults, non-working adults need to type documents, letters, memo's or faxes. Microsoft word is the ideal tool for all such needs.

Participants interested to learn advanced concepts after completing this course can join the Microsoft Word Advanced later.

Certificate Of Attendance

Certificate Of Attendance will be awarded to participants completing the course achieving minimum 85% attendance.

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